Pattrns for the iPhone is now available! You may purchase it at the AppStore. Of course you can also still play online for free!

Are you good at recognizing patterns? How about Negative Patterns? See our icon? Those three tablets are a negative pattern. The number of elements on each tablet is different (1 circle, 2 stars, 3 crosses) the shapes are different on each tablet, the colors are different, and even the fills are different (solid circle, 2 empty stars, 3 cross hatched crosses) -- Every pattrn in the game is made up of 3 tablets.

Now try the game image below-- Do you see any more Pattrns? The first two tablets are selected. (The two red solid hearts and two red yellow hearts) Can you find the match?

.. It's the two black solid hearts ..

There is another easy one. Third row from the bottom you have two crosses that are "aqua" and filled solid. Right next to them you have three crosses that are also the same color and solid. Can you find the third tablet in the Pattrn?

Here's a hint, it's in the second row from the bottom.

Check out the second picture in our preview pictures. This is the fun way to play--with only 12 tablets. The first two tablets in the match are already highlighted. They are in the middle near the bottom. Can you find the last tablet in that match?

... Give up? It's the three solid green circles. Same color, same number, but different shape and different fill.

That's how the game is played. Now how many can you find in two minutes?

Inspired by games like BLINK and SET, Pattrns lets you configure your board, make it easier, or harder. Put more tablets on, use more or less colors.

Sometimes a friend can help you find pattrns faster. Often children can be a big help in this game! (But careful, they are probably better at it then you). The more you play, the more you see the "Pattrns".

If you don't have an iPhone and would like to try an online sample of the new version of Pattrns you can do that at